Rood Apples Cider Sampler (6 btls) SAVE $15



The fact is, Rood is Dutch for red. Red: because this cider is basically the love child of 5 different delicious red apples.

But why Dutch? Creekside, where we make our cider, is in the village of Jordan Station, which was founded by the Pennsylvania Dutch. Long story short, they weren’t really Dutch. They were German. And the German word for red is rot. Rot Apples isn’t exactly mouth-watering. So, Dutch it is. There you have it.

Best Enjoyed over ice. In a glass. With some friends. When it’s hot. When it’s cold. When it’s hot but supposed to be cold. When it’s cold but supposed to be hot. The choice is yours.

ROOD APPLES Sampler Pack

Only $110 (Includes 3 x 750ml Raspberry Mint & 3 x 750ml Original)

Save $15 + Free Shipping

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