Blind Date With Creekside | 6 Bottle Special


Blind Date With Creekside

We've collaborated with Cupid's matchmaking experts to curate a selection of romantic wine varietals that are as enigmatic as they are delightful. If you're tired of the same old predictable Valentine's Day celebrations, this is your chance to explore uncharted territories of wine and romance.

Here's what makes our Blind Date Pack a must-have:

💑Our team of love connoisseurs has scoured the romantic landscape, seeking hidden gems and surprises that will leave you intrigued and delighted.

💘Each box is shrouded in secrecy. You won't know what's inside until you open it.

💕We can guarantee you'll be delighted by the 6 romantic surprises handpicked for this Blind Date Pack.

Don't let the magic slip through your fingers. Embrace the extraordinary with our Blind Date Pack today.

P.S. Remember, love is like a blind date—full of mysteries, best enjoyed with someone special, and always more fun when shared. So, grab a few extra boxes and turn your Valentine's Day into a romantic adventure!

Online Exclusive

$99 (6 Bottles)

Save $24 + FREE Delivery*

*Free delivery on Ontario orders only

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