Creekside Estate Winery opened in 1997 in small-town Jordan, Ontario.  The Winery is run by a passionate (some say fanatical) group of industry veterans who have decades of experience in their respective fields. The team of self-described cork dorks love what they do, and have fun doing it. 

The winery is decidedly non-conformist; dogs are welcome, the BBQ’s always ready and if you want to go on a tour you better bring your boots.   

Join us !   

Winery Open Daily:
Sun.-Thurs. 11:00am-5:00pm
Fri.-Sat. 11am-6pm

The Deck opens May 17th!

Early on the darlings of the Creekside portfolio were, like the people who created them, a little outside of the mainstream fold; Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah are the signature wines.  Creekside has also developed a cult following for its Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon blend and Ontario’s award winning Broken Press Syrah.

Despite being considered viticulturally off-kilter for the region these 2 grapes showed promise and the early successes spurred further investment in the vineyard and cellar.  


    Sauvignon Blanc ripens early, and this allows us to base our picking decisions on flavor. Overall Sauvignon Blanc is very easy to grow but its winter cold tenderness can occasionally bring us heartbreak in Niagara. 

    We like to press it cold, use our favourite aromatic yeast choices and ferment in stainless steel and or barrel.  All these winemaking techniques allow us to dial up the new world intensity or make a very elegant and austere old-world wine.

    Over the years we have made our favourite white wine in a variety of styles: sparkling, icewine, oak-aged, cold-fermented in stainless and White Bordeaux blends with waxy Semillon.

    Our Sauvignon Blancs have won dozens of medals nationally and internationally.  


    At Creekside, we have had a long history with the Syrah grape variety, [long being relative to the age of the Canadian wine industry]. We first began extensively planting Syrah in Niagara in the late 1990’s. With each vintage, we have witnessed first-hand this grape’s huge potential. Twenty years later, it is the red grape we are best known for, and we continue to see its popularity surge as a versatile, consistently pleasing and delightfully unique red wine. Indeed, this feisty little grape has garnered some of Creekside’s highest scores and awards of the years, and given us the proud reputation as a pioneer in Canadian Syrah

    Our flagship house Syrah, has its own proud history, and is regularly available in the LCBO for just $15.95. Recently, this wine took the top award as best Ontario Wine in a blind competition of 120 Ontario producers at the Southern Ontario Sommeliers Association.

After decades of making Syrah in Niagara, Creekside has accumulated numerous awards both nationally and internationally for its Syrah portfolio. To date, Creekside Syrahs have been awarded a total of over 50 medals, including 1 platinum, 15 gold, 11 silver and 13 bronze.   

Broken Press Syrah was awarded Ontario’s Best Red Wine, OWA 2017


    The winery is run by a group of like-minded industry professionals, providing a formidable and quirky mix of winemaking know-how and hospitality savvy. Their ongoing focus is to continue to produce wines that are unmistakably distinctive, push conventions and reflect the unique micro-climates of the Niagara Peninsula.