• We are thrilled to welcome D'Ont Poke the Bear to Creekside Estate Winery! At Creekside, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of inclusivity and creating a safe haven for all. D'Ont Poke the Bear, with its strong stance against bullying and its message of friendship and camaraderie, perfectly aligns with our values. Together, we are dedicated to crafting an unforgettable experience that celebrates great wine, good company, and a shared commitment to making everyone feel valued and respected, one bottle at a time.


    D'Ont Poke the Bear is a passionate creation that produces great VQA Ontario wines and craft cider. This brand was born out of a desire to stand up against bullying and to celebrate those who fight back and put their friends first... and they put the apostrophe wherever they want!

    D'Ont Poke the Bear believes in Feel Out Loud — the largest movement supporting youth mental health in Canada’s history — as a proud supporter of Kids Help Phone’s 24/7, free, bilingual, confidential e-mental health services.

    Polite until provoked... don't poke the bear.



    Our mission is to build more connected communities and support the eradication of bullying. We provide young and old with the tools to promote kindness through confidence, empathy, and empowerment. We are committed to supporting the national charity, Kids Help Phone as they embark on the largest mental health campaign for children in Canadian history. As well as producing award-winning wines and craft cider, we have a mission to foster a more tolerant and thoughtful world.  


We are so proud to announce that to date, we have raised over $250,000.00 in support of Bullying awareness & prevention for Kids Help Phone! Our starting goal of raising $75,000.00 has now grown to be a +$1Million dollar goal!